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Photo of scientist in cable car in winter. On-Line and CD-ROM-Based Surface-Water Hydrology Courses Available to the
General Public
Photo of Scientists at a Gage Station.

[For Type of Course: On-Line means the course is all on-line at the URL given in the last colum; Download means that the course was originally published on a CD-ROM and is available as a downloadable .zip file from the URL in the last column.]

If you are a DOI employee, remember to register for any of the courses below in DOI Learn so the course(s) will show up in your transcript.

Course Title Course Number Type URL
Surface-Water Procedures and Policies USGS-OED-SW1660 On-Line
Procedures for Running Levels at Gaging Stations USGS-OED-SW1683 On-Line
Introduction to Suspended-Sediment Sampling
SIR2005-5077 Download
Stream Discharge Measurements Under Ice Cover USGS-OED-SW4288 Download
Stream Discharge Measurements from Cableways USGS-OED-SW4292 Download














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