Using The National Map Products and Services

Version 1.00 - June 2015

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Course Lessons

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Lesson 1 - Introduction

Lesson 2 - The Eight Layers of The National Map (TNM)

Lesson 3a - The National Map Viewer - Introduction

Lesson 3b - The National Map Viewer - Map Tools

Lesson 4a - Using The National Map Download Client

Lesson 4b - Downloading Data with The National Map Download Client

Lesson 4c - Downloading Maps with The National Map Download Client

Lesson 4d - Using The National Map Download Manager

Lesson 5 - Using the National Map Web Services in ArcMap

Lesson 6a - Using USGS US Topo and Historic Topographic Maps on your Mobile Device

Lesson 6b - Using USGS The National Map Data on Mobile Devices

Lesson 7a - EarthExplorer Introduction

Lesson 7b - EarthExplorer Search Criteria

Lesson 7c - EarthExplorer Results

Lesson 7d - Using the Earth Explorer Interface to Access Imagery in HDDS

Lesson 8 - US Topo

Lesson 9a - Accessing US Topo through USGS Store

Lesson 9b - Accessing USGS Historical Maps Through TopoView

Lesson 10 - Under Construction

Lesson 11a - US Interagency Elevation Inventory

Lesson 11b1 - Public Areas of Interest Collection Tool

Lesson 11b2 - USGS Areas of Interest Collection Tool (USGS Internal Only)

Lesson 11c - Creating KMLs and Shapefiles

Lesson 11d - Using the SeaSketch Interface

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